Thursday, April 26, 2012

I feel disconnected

I am doing most of this week's blogs from my fiance's home and his computer. My computer's internet connection went down early Monday morning. And I'm told no repair person can come out till mid-week. And I am feeling totally disconnected!

I can't check any of my email accounts. I can't write my blogs from home or prepare my next month's ezine.

Isn't it interesting how completely connected most of us are by our devices? I'm less so than many people I know. But still I feel extremely frustrated. Everything I had planned to do the early days of this week has been changed.

OK. What else can we do at such times but chill out and go with the flow? Find some other way to get done what absolutely needs to be done ... and let go of some of the rest.

These blogs needed to be done. But perhaps I'll just take this opportunity to clean out my files. Now there's a job needing to be done, one that's easy to put off.

What do you do when you get stalled out with your plans? Do you find it easy to reschedule and reformulate? Remember the serenity prayer about accepting what we can't change and changing what we can? That's a good one to post at work, at home and anywhere we need the reminder.


  1. Disconnected is a horrible feeling! Yet, sometimes, working at the computer all day I feel disconnected in a different way - more disconnected with the world. Connection is a relative thing, I guess... :)

  2. Karin, good point. Our online connections aren't quite the same as face-to-face connections, for example. And yet they can be quite meaningful. Many women I know absolutely love Facebook, for example, while I have other friends who won't go near it. Our world is increasingly complex ... and we still yearn for connection. How do the rest of you find it?