Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bring barriers down

Are you where you want to be? Doing what you desire?

If not, now might be a good time to stop and take stock. Can you identify one or more barriers to changing your life? What gets in your way? Fear? Of what? Or does money stop you? Or perhaps someone close to you doesn't want you to change—and you're afraid of what might happen to the relationship if you do.

The power of naming
Once you name things, whether they are barriers or fears, you remove their power over you. Then you have a choice: Do you want to remove the barriers and fears? Or do you want to leave your dreams unfulfilled, your goals unmet? Can you stay in your current situation and be OK with that?

If you are ready to make some change and you have identified a barrier, make plans to bring it down. Be sure to make your plan manageable. Break everything down into bite-sized chunks so you don't get into overwhelm mode when you think about moving forward.  

And if you cannot make any changes now, find a way to change your attitude to one of peace in your current situation. Do whatever is possible to make it the best it can be—for now.

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