Monday, April 30, 2012

It's liberating!

At least two times in the past couple months I’ve been asked to what age I would return if I had a magic wand to make that happen. Each time my answer has been, “I like my age now. I wouldn’t return to an earlier age for anything.”

Then last Tuesday I heard author Anna Quindlen talk about her life as remembered in her new book, Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake. She, too, said she likes where she is right now—approaching age 60.

“Why?” she was asked by the show’s host.

Her answer resonated with me: Because, she said, most of my life I worried about whether I was doing things right, whether I was even doing the right thing; and I had all those voices inside me (and outside me). Now I don’t care anymore. I am not “backstopping” myself anymore, she said. I know I’m just fine. And it’s so liberating, she added.

Yes! Yes, that’s it exactly. It is liberating. It is incredibly liberating to reach an age where you know you are enough. You are good enough. You are enough to face whatever comes you way. You know enough to gather the resources and support you need. You have enough experience under your belt and know you can do what’s needed.

Anna Quindlen is right: It is liberating! Please share your stories about this below. I’d love to hear how you came to a place of liberation.

If you don’t yet feel that confident, don’t worry. It’s a process. Start today. Contact me if you would like a complimentary, no-obligation consultation so we can talk about letting go of “shoulds” and messages that hold you back.

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  1. I would choose my biological brain,chuck full of "the school of hard knocks" kind of knowledge, yet indulge myself in a little body envy of what it was like being age 22. I feel 22 y/o in some of my thoughts , wants and yearnings so it is with that, that I find (approaching 61 in little over a month) many a good reason to enjoy the here and now, but no pangs of guilt at still yearning for my 22 y/o body, I'm OK with me! : ) mb