Wednesday, April 4, 2012

'What's your assignment?'

Two years ago last month, I attended an amazing women's conference in
Mobile, Alabama. Called Womenspeak 2010, the conference included
keynote addresses, workshops, singing, round-table discussions and
more. So much about spending those three days with women from around
the globe stays with me.

One thing that really stands out, however, is when keynoter, author
and psychiatrist Jean Shinoda Bolen asked us, "What's your assignment?
What did you come into the world to do?"

What's your assignment? Have you ever thought about that? Perhaps
you haven't asked the question in quite that way. I hadn't. It's
always good to ask a question in several different ways, though,
because you look at them differently when they're reworded.

Recently I read a comment by another author, Linda Douty, who urges,
"Don't die with your music still in you."

If you aren't doing what you came to do—and if your music is still
in you—start today thinking about how you can change that. One step
at a time, you can reach your dreams and goals. You can find "your
assignment". I would be honored to be part of that journey if you want
a coach to partner with you. Contact me today for a no-obligation,
complimentary strategy session.

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