Monday, April 2, 2012

From drudgery to delight

Several of my current clients tell me that they are at a point in
their careers where they've had their fill of jobs that are OK but not
fulfilling. They want to do something now that makes their heart sing!
And, frankly, some of them talk about their current jobs as not even
"just OK"—they're pure drudgery.

I hear the same from retired women I coach. They want volunteer work
or a part-time job that brings joy and delight—and work that's

Do you resonate with that longing?

Last week I talked about life's "shoulds." You will always have some
things you must and should do. And not everything you do will bring
you joy and pleasure.

However, you can stop "shoulding" on yourself. And you can start
bringing more joy and delight into your career and your life. When you
do, you will gain energy. You will feel happier—and it will be
contagious. Can you imagine the difference in your life even when you
think about it?

What one or two changes can you make today to move from drudgery to
delight? Name them. Create an action plan to get there.

Contact me if you want help doing that. I invite you to sign up
for my three free gifts and my monthly ezine, too—where I talk a lot about
how you can make changes in your life.

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