Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2 views on career choices

Doing what you love. Loving what you do. Ah, that has such a wonderful ring, doesn't it? And a wonderful feel in the body as well!

Here's the thing, though: Not everyone chooses to turn their passion into their career. You can look at the choice in at least two different ways (you may find a third way).

1) You might choose to switch careers and do what you love. Many women at some point in their lives—and especially in the later years of a career—say "No" to jobs that don't excite and fulfill them. They want to do something that brings them joy. Something with meaning. A job that makes their heart sing.

2) Or you might decide to keep your career, especially if you have a good salary and benefits package—and just spend less time at it so you can do what you love as a hobby in your free time. Call it "golden handcuffs" if you will—but it can be a win-win solution. You have a salary package that works, and you create more time for your passion to become a hobby. Perhaps you decide to work four days a week rather than five. Or perhaps you simply stop throwing yourself 150 percent into your job—not bringing work home at night and on weekends. The point is to create room in your life to follow your passion. Reduce your stress. Ratchet up your joy quotient!

You choose. What will work for you? What will bring you joy and still let you maintain a living?

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