Friday, April 20, 2012

Limbo time

For many of my clients, that time between what is and what they want is the most difficult. Time in the cocoon. Transition time. Fallow time. Limbo time. Whatever you call it, it's messy and difficult, and it takes more patience than many of us have.

If you are a caterpillar crawling around on the ground, that's all you know. You know what to expect. And when you're the butterfly soaring from flower to flower, that's the life you know. You probably don't remember the crawling days!

But that time in between—time in the cocoon—when you're neither a caterpillar nor yet a butterfly. That's messy. It's a time not to be rushed. A lot is happening inside that cocoon.

You know what happens if you try let the butterfly out of the cocoon before it emerges on its own. It dies. That also happens if you try to force the butterfly to fly before its wings have dried off and the entire transformational process is finished.

So it is with you. Sometimes you just need to be in that cocoon, that limbo time. Life changes and transformations are a process. I invite you to do all you can to be comfortable with that time, to let it be what it needs to be. Breathe deeply. Take up yoga. Recite mantras. Do whatever it takes to be calm and open—open to all the new possibilities! Let the change happen.

Where are you now? Where would you like to be? Contact me if you have a life change you'd like to work on.

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