Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chocolate, anyone?

I just finished reading Live Big! By Katie Brazelton, a book given to me by a friend. One of the chapters is titled “Eat Dessert First.” I love that idea. Don’t you?

In fact, sometimes when I’ve finished a meal in a restaurant and am asked whether I want dessert (and I’m full and have no room for a luscious chocolate dessert of some type), I laughingly say, “Next time I’ll start with dessert and then we’ll see if I have any room left for an entrée.” I’ve never actually done it, however.

Perhaps it’s time to start!

What Brazelton really invites readers to do is to make memories with those we love, celebrate gifts, treasure little blessings and take time to play.

Are you so focused on being productive that you don’t smell the roses? Do you feel guilty if you read a book during the day? Or take a nap? Do you have any time to play?

Let’s start today to embrace joy! Find time to play. Eat dessert first.

Chocolate chip brownie, anyone?

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