Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A period or a comma?

I've noticed several comments and debates on social media about the use of punctuation. Some among us use little to no punctuation, and some of us are purists and even use proper punctuation while texting!

Today I want to direct your thoughts to the simple comma and the simple period—and this is really more about life than actual punctuation.

Have you ever felt that a particular situation in your life meant the absolute end? The end of a dream? The end of a relationship? The end (in failure) of a hoped-for outcome to a project or goal? And then later, you discovered that it was only a turn in the road—or perhaps even a U-turn. Or maybe even a little hiccup in your plans. It wasn't the end at all. It was only a slight change (or perhaps even more than a slight one).

This is a reminder to put a comma on many life situations rather than a period. It's not always the end. Be ready to just stop and evaluate the situation to see what's needed. Don't be so quick to jump to a conclusion—and put a period on what may only need a comma. The experience may only be a transition to the next phase. Or it may mean tweaking your dreams or plans. Be alert to the difference.

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