Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Embrace who you are

So many of us have a difficult time with self-acceptance and self-love. We can be pretty hard on ourselves. Think it's time to let up a little?

Self-acceptance means just that: accepting ourselves for who we are. It means not trying to change ourselves for others, not changing the way we live our lives so others will approve. It also means allowing ourselves to be seen for who we are. If we are authentic, truly being who we were created to be, we can stand securely in that place knowing we are enough and we are good as we are.

Self-acceptance means letting go of all attempts to be someone we're not. It means not trying to act in ways that aren't natural for us or that don't align with the values we hold dear. It means speaking from our own authentic voice, saying what feels right to us—even if someone else doesn't agree.

It's so easy to think we won't be accepted unless we live by the rules others set. The ad world doesn't help in this regard: It always sets up images of how we should be, what we should buy and to what we should aspire if we want to be successful and popular. Forget all that. You are unique. There's not another on the planet just like you. That's pretty special. So go with that. Embrace who you are and accept that. Then learn to love yourself.

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