Thursday, August 25, 2016

Take a hike. Get creative.

Interestingly, there is research now that shows the positive effects on our brain activity that being outdoors in nature can have. Last year Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published a study showing the positive effect on participants of a 90-minute walk through a natural environment. Those who did so showed far lower levels of brooding or excessive worry than those who walked through a city.

Another study done by psychologists Ruth Ann Atchley and David L. Strayer showed a 50 percent increase in creativity and problem-solving skills by people after a four-day-long hike in the wilderness with no technology. In addition, being outdoors and active has been shown to reduce the symptoms of ADHD.

Even getting out into nature for five minutes at a time gives your self-esteem a good boost, showed a 2010 report in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology. Being out for the entire day resulted in a huge jump, and walking near water had the biggest effect.

Grab your boots or comfortable shoes—and head out the door. It'll be good for your brain and your body!

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