Thursday, August 11, 2016

Chill out!

Have you ever heard of a "chill out competition"? Almost seems like those two things would stand as opposites to one another, doesn't it?

Anyway, recently in Seoul, South Korea, this competition encouraged people to just unplug and space out. That's good, right?

Sixty contestants sat for 90 minutes in a park. They weren't allowed to talk, sleep, eat, use electronic devices, or move around much at all. The person with the most relaxed heart rate came out as the winner in this contest.

How do you think you would fare if such a competition were held in your town, city or community? It does raise the issue again of how fast-paced our lives can be and how it's good for our well-being to learn to slow down—to just chill! Living such high-stress lives is not good for our health. Aim for more calm and serenity.

Don't wait for a competition. Find ways to step back and "just be" for a while. Try doing it on a regular basis. Your heart will thank you. And I'm willing to bet your creativity will take a jump forward. Who knows, you might even be happier?

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