Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fill up with peace

A question I'm asking myself these days is: How can I keep my peace, my equanimity, amid all the turmoil in this country and around the globe? And for that matter, amid all the concerns and distractions in my own life?

Do you wonder that, too?

Here are some ideas upon which I'm reflecting:

• Stop participating in conversations that include gossip and "ain't it awful" attitudes.
• When my mind is filled with fear and negative thoughts, stop! Stop and take some deep breaths. Focus on one blessing and let that fill my mind. And don't feel that you need to stop with one!
• Quit engaging in "us versus them" thinking. Stop judging.
• Employ compassion more often—including self-compassion.
• Hang out more often with others who want to stay positive.
• Take on a service project that lets you bring love and light into someone's world.

What are you doing these days to counteract all the negativity? I'd love to hear from you.

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