Monday, August 8, 2016

Stay healthy with your attitude

Recently I read some research outcomes that show the effects of optimism. It was fascinating. We do know that whatever we focus on becomes larger. If we focus on life's negatives, we'll see more of those. If we focus on the positives, that becomes the filter through which we see things.

Research shows that optimism boosts our immune system and that a positive attitude protects against heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular problems. Boosting optimism also can decrease the effects of depression. In addition, it appears that positive people tend to make more and better social connections. And we know that those add deeper meaning to our lives and help us feel less lonely.

It's tough to be an optimist these days, I'll admit it. So much of the news is bad. Apparently bad news sells. So it's good to do whatever you can to stay positive (maybe even quit watching news for a while). Get out in nature. Keep your social connections open and healthy. Do some "as if" thinking if you need to—and think positively about your future even when you're unsure about it. Set small and achievable goals. Celebrate your achievements, even if you think they're small. Every bit helps! Engage in life fully and completely.

If you are having a tough time staying positive these days and wish to discuss that, please contact me for a complimentary strategy session. You don't have to stay stuck!

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