Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Learn to savor more

A study of 15,000 people found that those who experienced a lot of adversity in the past appreciate more deeply life's small pleasures in the present. So don't let your past drag you down—use it to savor and appreciate today.

Psychologist Fred Bryant, an expert on savoring at Loyola University in Chicago, suggests ways to savor:

• Share your good feelings with others.
• Take a mental picture of good stuff to remember later.
• Revel in your success.
• Pay attention to your senses.
• Outwardly express good feelings. It's OK to laugh out loud!
• Compare good feelings with unpleasant ones. (Hmmm, which ones feel better?!)
• Stop multitasking. Get absorbed!
• Give thanks for what's good.
• Stop being a killjoy. Focus on the positives.
• Remember that good moments pass, so we'll appreciate them more.

He says it's just as important to stop throwing a wet towel on good feelings.

Let's practice savoring today. Notice what's around you. Notice what you see. What you eat. What others are saying and doing. Reflect on blessings.

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