Monday, August 1, 2016

Most everyone is trying their best

When someone cuts you off in traffic, lets the door slam in your face in a public place or jumps in front of you in line at the airport, do you assume evil intentions on their part? Yes, most of us jump to conclusions in terms of people's motivations or intentions. We assume the worst.

Social scientists will say that stems from self-disgust or a certain amount of self-hatred. We think we deserve it and are quite sure someone is doing it just to anger us. They deliberately jerking our chain or out to get us!

It's better for our anxiety level and our mental health if we can practice this behavior: Rather than jump to the conclusion of evil intent, assume that the vast majority of people are doing their best. One person I heard recently advises looking for the pin—imagine what things might be pricking that person that made them either unaware of what they were doing to you or made them act more rudely than they normally would do.

Next time someone cuts you off or steps in front of you in line, imagine their pin and avoid getting bent out of shape. Your blood pressure will remain lower, and your body will thank you! Practice compassion.

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