Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Do you have enough?

How often do you either think or say, "I have enough"? Enough time. Enough money. Enough clothes. Enough jewelry. Enough furniture. Enough savings. Enough "stuff." Enough technology. Even enough friends—or enough love.

Our culture seems to encourage us to buy more and more and more. It encourages an attitude of scarcity. I really could use more income. I need a larger house or car or yard. My iPhone is so outdated; I need new and better technology. More, more, more. It's almost an American mantra.

What would it feel like for us to adopt the attitude of "enough"? This is enough for me. I have enough. This is all I need. I'm content with what I have. How would that be?

I confess I get just as caught up as the next person in all this. So I'd like to try living with an attitude of "enough" instead. Perhaps I'll begin with gratitude—gratitude for ALL the blessings I already have. Blessings that are more than enough!


  1. I remember hearing the words "Too much, too much, too much" as part of illustration in a sermon years ago. In my head, I agreed with the thought of "I have enough" but really couldn't stop acquiring this and that. After moving far away, I had an awakening of minimalism, mostly because of being forced to pare down in order to move. After arriving at our destination to a small apartment, God's clear voice came through the song "My Shepherd Will Supply My Need" one evening at choir. As a former clothes, dish and possession "horse", I now question every purchase, and consider my future with or without it. Yes, it's a choice to purchase (or not) but it's also a wiser choice to count blessings prior to purchasing to use our God-give gift of discernment. Thank you for this!

  2. And thank you for that wonderful example of paying attention to the still, small voice within. Yes, it is a choice.