Thursday, August 4, 2016

Questions to ask before a change

Whether you have a decision to make about your career, a relationship, a move to a new location (whether near or far) or any other change, it's always good to think through the positives and negatives so you don't get blind-sided. Doing so allows you to be better prepared for whatever change you face. And you want to be certain that the outcome of that change truly is something you want.

I just read a list of five questions that can be helpful to consider as you think about a new outcome or a change:

• Why do I want this outcome?
• What do I gain by getting it?
• What do I lose by getting it?
• What if I did nothing?
• What if I succeed?

It's always true that there'll be losses and gains whenever you try for a new goal or make a change. You want to be clear on what you'll gain and what you'll lose. Are you willing to pay whatever price might be attached to this new goal (the subsequent losses)? There are many other questions that might be helpful as you consider change. But these five seemed to be a good start.

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