Friday, January 9, 2015

Life's rhythms

Where I live, winter means cold weather, snow and shorter days—more darkness. Although I'm not a real fan of winter anymore, I can appreciate its gifts.

Winter is a time for hibernation, going quiet, resting, waiting in the darkness to see what's changing and growing inside. Think of all the things that happen in darkness: babies grow inside a dark womb, seeds sprout and grow inside the dark earth, plants rest up so they can be renewed and come back in full beauty once spring arrives, butterflies form inside dark cocoons. Indeed, I have even read about people who walk through dark times of depression and how transformation and new growth emerged from that darkness.

When I complain about winter or long for spring's arrival, I need to remember that winter can be a rich time that can lead to high productivity, dreams fulfilled, transformation and new birth. Winter can provide us with times for reflection and dreaming if only we take that time—times that can lead to creativity and new experiences. It's all part of life's rhythm.

What's growing inside you right now? Any new dreams? An old one that keeps returning and calling for your attention? A project that calls forth your passion? A career change? Pay attention.

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