Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Look for the gifts

So this week we finally got snow in the Chicago area. Not that I was anxious for it. I wasn't. I could live quite happily without ever experiencing it again, thank you.

Having said that, however, I do admit it was lovely to look out at the landscape all frosted with white. Picture pretty. Not quite so pretty to drive in it, though.

And here's the deal: Along with the snow we also got stunningly beautiful sunshine. We hadn't seen the sun much at all in December, so this is a real treat. In the mornings I just stand transfixed at my east window watching the sun stream in and seeing the street, driveways and trees blanketed in a light coat of snow. And, oh, the sight of cardinals in the frosted trees—yes, beautiful!

However, we got something else with the sunshine and snow: very cold weather.

So was this change in weather good? Or bad? Like so much of life, it contained a bit of each—at least from my perspective. It was a reminder to me that inside some of the things in life I don't much like to face or experience lies a gift of some type: a new learning, the support of friends, or perhaps even a brand new friend I hadn't known before. Sometimes it might even end up bringing a change to my life that's a good change.

Look for the gifts. You never know where they'll appear.

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