Monday, January 12, 2015

In praise of listening

Are you a good listener? It's a skill that can be developed—and requires lots of practice to refine. In some ways, it seems to be a lost art today. If you watch any talk shows, you realize more people are talking a lot and doing very little listening. And politicians? Well, we don't even need to go down that road, do we?

Even if we're good listeners, though, one thing we women don't always excel in is listening to our bodies. If you listen to yours, what is it telling you? Does it tell you when it needs rest? When it needs for you to slow down a bit? Does it tell you when you're sending it the wrong type of food? Perhaps too many starches or too much fat? Does it tell you it needs exercise and movement?

And do you listen to your spirit? Are you in need of some time with yourself? Or time with close friends? Do you need renewal of some type, whether a spa day or an inspiring workshop or retreat? Do you need a few talk sessions with your favorite therapist? Or some coaching sessions, perhaps?

Perhaps it's time to raise your awareness and ramp up your listening skills—especially those that involve your own body and spirit. It could make such a difference in your joy quotient!

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