Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What have you learned?

Yesterday we took a look back at our younger self to see who we were then and what we desired. We asked what the younger you would tell you at the age you are now. Today let's think about all the wisdom we've gained in the years since we were that younger self. What would you say to your younger self from your current vantage point?

If you met yourself as you were 20, 30 or 40 years ago, what advice would you offer? What have you learned in the intervening years that you wish someone could have told you back then? Would you advise your younger self to be authentic? Would you encourage curiosity, openness and taking risks?

Or would you tell her to err on the side of caution? Or tell him that he shouldn't be so trusting and naive?

Would you advise more play, more time for friends and other loved ones? Or more focus on career?

Both these exercises are fascinating and can help you and me to think about what's important to us right now. If there are things to be changed, today is better than next week or next year. Or never! It's also valuable to see all the wisdom we have gleaned through life experience. Appreciate that. Be grateful—even for those difficult experiences from which you learned invaluable lessons. Celebrate where you are now.

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