Friday, January 2, 2015

Looking for career options?

If you are searching for career options right now, you just might want to think about your personal experiences. Sometimes, necessity provides clues and training. Sometimes, the things you do quite apart from your work life can lead to new and fulfilling ventures.

For example, Stephanie Tilenius, former Google commerce chief, oversaw her parents' medical care while she held her demanding job for the internet search giant. That led her to start a company that would help patients combat chronic disease. And now her company has launched a mobile application so patients can consult with a whole team of professionals—doctors, nutritionists, nurses and others—from their smartphone. All of that grew out of her necessity to help her parents and the extensive knowledge she gained from that.

One woman I've heard about learned the hard way how to deal with creditors and how to dig out of the deep hole of debt in which she found herself. Once she got her own financial life back on track, she used that hard-won expertise to start a business so she can help others out of their financial holes. She learned lessons from her own experience that simply don't come from books or a classroom. 

Are there things in your life about which you've gained expertise simply through necessity and experience? Might it lead to career options? Or even a small business start-up of your own? If you want to discuss this, I invite you to contact me.

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