Monday, January 19, 2015

Forgiveness is essential

Relationships are complicated, aren't they? They require hard work at times. They provide us with places of peace and rest, secure in the knowledge that we are accepted and loved. They can sometimes be places of pain and conflict, too.

While love is essential to any relationship, there's one more thing that just has to be part of any healthy relationship: forgiveness.

That includes forgiving yourself so you can be fully present in any relationship with all that you are—the positive and the negative. You know your strengths. You know your weaknesses. You accept them. You forgive yourself for those things you did but didn't want or intend to do. You love yourself. You have compassion on yourself. That allows you to show love and compassion to others in your life.

It also includes forgiving the other person for things she or he has done to us. And it means requesting forgiveness for the ways we have hurt that person, too.

No way around it: Forgiveness is essential to healthy lives and relationships. If you have any work to do on that score, perhaps now is a good time.

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