Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Why are you here?

"I heard the other day that there are two days in our life that are most important," my friend said. "One is the day we are born. The other is the day we figure out why we were born."

Well, OK, there likely won't be an exact day when a thunderclap will sound and we'll have an instant aha-moment revealing the purpose of our life. I'm sure that isn't what the person who developed that idea had in mind. I know for sure it isn't what my friend had in mind. It's more likely a long process of growth and transformation, isn't it?

However, the thought is there: Discovering our purpose is as important as the fact that we were born at all. Why are you here? Why am I here? What gift or gifts do you bring to the world because of your unique personality, talents and outlook on life?

Psychiatrist, author and speaker Jean Shinoda Bolen put it like this once when I heard her keynote a women's convention: What's your assignment? What were you put on earth to do?

As my friends and I discussed the idea of why we were born, we agreed that this may not necessarily be a huge, world-changing assignment. Some people are here to start movements or organizations that have far-reaching effects on society. Others of us are here to encourage all those around us to reach their best selves. Or to share our joy of learning with little ones. Or to write stories or articles that inspire others. Or to help people heal in some form or another.

What do you think? Why are you here? Do you know? Don't worry if you haven't thought about it before. I invite you to give it some thought, however, and see whether it affirms what you've already been doing—or perhaps even suggests some other focus for you.

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