Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A look back

Here's a good question upon which to reflect as you still find yourself at the start of a new year: What would your younger self say to you now? Would she be thrilled at what you've done with your life and your talents? Would he be disappointed that you let fears hold you back from some pretty important dreams? Any regrets?

It's not as useless an exercise as you might think. It can be helpful to look back at who you were 20, 30 or more years ago. What excited you then? To what did you look forward? What did you imagine your future would hold? Do you remember that person?

It may not be too late to recapture some of those dreams and longings. At the least, there might still be a way to recover the real you. Sometimes we follow what others want for us ... or simply take the path that's set out in front of us (the path of least resistance). If you cannot have now what you wanted then, are there pieces of any of the dreams of the younger you that are still important and that still represent who you really are?

If there are, I invite you to reflect on what you might want to do about it now. Are you able to make some changes now to fulfill a dream or be all you were created to be? If not, are you able to put to rest any regrets or lost dreams? It's not too late. Think about it and see where you are.

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