Thursday, January 15, 2015

'I don't even know the questions'

I've had some potential clients approach me saying they think they could use some coaching but that they don't even know the questions to ask. They simply feel some deep need to talk with a neutral person but aren't sure yet of the issues. That's not at all odd. Ever feel that way yourself? You don't even know the questions. But somehow you feel un-ease or even dis-ease. You have some niggling feeling that things aren't just what you want them to be.

Inevitably, once we begin talking—starting with "What's going on for you right this minute? What are you feeling? What's catching your thoughts right now?"—we get down to pay dirt. And then we can get going on laying out the issues and begin creating incremental steps to address them.

I've certainly had times in my life when something deep inside me has known I needed some help clarifying an issue or issues, and my mind hasn't even registered it yet. The discovery process can be such a rich and enlightening time. It's normal to fear that time because we don't always know just what will come up and what its implications will be. But if we can tell ourselves that we are enough and that we will surely grow once we dig into the process, we can perhaps summon the courage to look any fears in the eye and surmount them.

Remember, you are enough. And you don't have to live with un-ease or dis-ease. Change is possible.

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