Friday, January 16, 2015

Look at yourself

Do you know people who constantly lash out at others when things go wrong in their lives? They always look for someone else to blame for everything that happens to them and for everything they don't like about their lives. Perhaps you've done that yourself at times? I know I have.

Placing blame seldom solves the problem, though, does it? It's kind of a dead-end. It makes us feel anxious and helpless. If we're not to blame, there are few choices and options to solve things. And we miss an opportunity for growth as well. Who knows what we'll learn when we step up? When we do the inner work required from stepping up?

Choosing to take responsibility is actually a sign of self-love. We love ourselves enough to encourage our acceptance of ourselves and to want change, personal growth and transformation. We love ourselves enough to know that we are strong enough—and able to be vulnerable enough—to examine what we do and our motivations for doing it. And we are strong enough to make changes, if that seems necessary.

Blame really isn't the point, is it? More important is what will you do now that this happened? What can you learn from it? What changes do you need to make to ensure that it won't happen again—or at least to reduce the chances of it happening again?

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