Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Healthy bones

Now that I learned I have osteopenia (a possible precursor to osteoporosis), I pick up on any mention of bone health and bone care. I'm looking at what type of exercises are best for bones, what kind of foods, etc.

So when I read about the four essential symbolic bones in our body in Angeles Arrien's book The Second Half of Life, I was intrigued. She is talking about something very different from the bones on my skeleton. But still I was drawn into her descriptions and am thinking a lot about the importance of each of these four bones and what needs strengthening or realignment in my life:

• Backbone: Arrien calls this "the quality of courage," saying it means "to stand by one's heart or core."
• Wishbone: "the quality of hope, to stay open to dreams, blessings, and possibilities."
• Funny bone: "the quality of humor, to foster joy and maintain flexibility."
• Hollow bone: "the quality of trust, to maintain openness, curiosity, and faith."

Isn't that fascinating to think about? I agree that those four bones have important roles to play in a healthy life. So as I think about the bones on my skeleton and how to keep them healthy, I'm also going to reflect on strengthening those four symbolic bones.

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